Miguel Abreu (Lisbon)

Gabriele Benedetti (Heidelberg)
Zoll magnetic flows on surfaces

Frederic Bourgeois (Paris)
Michael Brandenbursky (Beer-Sheva)
Lev Buhovsky (Tel Aviv)
C^0 symplectic topology and spectral invariants
Joel Fish (Boston)
Urs Frauenfelder (Augsburg)
Polar periodic orbits in the spacial restricted three-body problem
Viktor Ginzburg (Santa Cruz)
Basak Gurel (Florida)
Umberto Hryniewicz (Aachen)
Exploring the interplay between holomorphic curves and asymptotic cycles
Marco Mazzucchelli (Lyon)
Mark McLean (Stony Brook)
Birational Calabi-Yau manifolds have the same small quantum products
Francisco Presas (Madrid)
Approximation of contact structures by foliations
Vinicius Ramos (IMPA)
Alexander Ritter (Oxford)
The cohomological McKay correspondence via Floer theory
Pedro Salomao (USP)
Richard Siefring (Bochum)
Symplectic field theory and codimension-2 stable Hamiltonian submanifolds