Invited Speakers


Maria Chudnovsky (Princeton University)
4-coloring graphs with no induced 6-vertex path

Peter Keevash (Oxford University)
More designs

Alex Scott (Oxford University)
Graphs of large chromatic number

Paul Seymour (Princeton University)
Gyarfas-Sumner meets Erdos-Hajnal

Maya Stein (Universidad de Chile)
Degree conditions for tree containment and Ramsey numbers of trees


Short Talks

Chính T. Hoàng (Wilfrid Laurier University)
The coloring problem for restricted graph classes

Chun-Hung Liu (Princeton University)
Clustered coloring and conjectures of Hajos, Gerards and Seymour

Daniel Quiroz (Center for Mathematical Modeling – Chile)
Generalised colouring numbers of minor closed classes

Liana Yepreman (Oxford University)
Large independent sets in triangle-free graphs avoiding a clique-minor

Yelena Yuditsky (Mcgill University)
The structure of almost all string graphs