City Info

The hotels.


From the airport to the hotels.

  • The best option is to take a taxi. It costs around 100 reais. It is expensive, but it is the best option. We suggest you to try to share a taxi with another participant of the event.
  • Another option is the “Firstclass Bus” which costs 33 reais. It has a stop at Hotel Portobello/Othon/Ondimar hotels and also at Marazul hotel. The website is (only in Portuguese) but there is a callfree number for information (9090) (71) 999 791 000 and (9090) (71) 3432 1000.


From the Portobello/Othon to the university. It is easy to simply walk. If you would like to take a taxi, it costs around 10-15 reais.

The event will occur at the Instituto de Matemática e Estatística, in the auditorium (first floor), in the entrance.

From the Marazul to the university. It is a longer but beautiful walk (around 55 minutes).

If you would like to take a taxi, it costs around 20 reais.


Restaurants: link to file Restaurants

 About Salvador: link to file salvador-touristicguide