STIC-AmSud & Math-AmSud - Speakers

Ariel Torres
 (Facultad de Ciencias exactas y Naturales y Agrimensura)
   Optimization problems that arise in complex systems and tumor growth

Gloria Carvalho (Cendit)
   Mathematical models used in telecommunication systems, Electromagnetic field propagated into the human body

Gabriela Cybis (Universidade Federal de Rio Grande do Sul)
   Phylodynamic methods for epidemics

Jean-Stéphane Dhersin (Institut national des sciences mathématiques et de leurs interactions)
   Limit theorem for a SIR model on a random graph

María Inés Fariello (Centro de Matemática)
   Darwin in the mathematics land: how mathematics merged two (incompatible) evolution theories and some applications

Marcelo Fiori (Universidad de la República de Uruguay)
  Graph matching problems: probabilistic and deterministic results

Arturo Gil (Universidad Central de Venezuela)
   Interval Analysis Optimization in Parallel Robots Kinematics Singularity Problems

Salvador Flores
   Computing principled leverage indicators for robust large scale regression

Sergio González Andrade (Escuela Politécnica Nacional)
   Numerical Simulation of Complex Fluids with Temperature-Dependent Parameters

Geovani Grapiglia
 (Universidade Federal do Paraná)
   Accelerating Universal Newton Methods

Pedro Merino (Escuela Politécnica Nacional)
   A DC approach for the numerical solution of PDE-constrained optimization problems with fractional penalizations

Lisandro Parente (CONICET & Universidad Nacional de Rosario) 
   An approximation scheme for uncertain minimax optimal control problems

Juan Manuel Pedraza (Universidad de los Andes de Colombia)
   How much can a cell know about its environment?

José Verschae (Universidad Católica de Chile)
Approximation Algorithms for Covering Problems with a Non-Linear Objective

Marcos Villagra (Universidad Nacional de Asunción)
    Multiobjective Optimization in a Quantum Adiabatic Computer

Sylvain Sorin (Université Pierre et Marie Curie-CNRS, France)
   Optimization , learning and games “Replicator dynamics: old and new”