BioMat 2017 - Contributed Talks

Ferreira Ramos
Stochastic model of contact inhibition and the proliferation of melanoma in situ

Camille Pouchol (Univ. Pierre et Marie Curie)
Asymptotic analysis of some selection-mutation models

Cécile Carrère (Univ. Pierre et Marie Curie)
Modelling tumoral heterogeneity for chemotherapy optimization

João Socorro Pinheiro Ferreira (UNIFAP)

Liliam Cesar de Castro Medeiros (UNESP)
Individual Based Models Applied to Epidemiology

Mathieu Mezache (INRIA)
An oscillatory kinetic model for the prion aggregation process

Nuno Miguel Melo Crokidakis Peregrino (UFF)
Consequences of social pressure in epidemic spreading coupled with opinion dynamics regarding vaccination

Simone de Almeida Delphim (UNIFAP)
Numerical modelling for the economic costs of biological invasion