Diversity in Finite Fields and Coding Theory

07 – 12 July 2024, IMPA, Rio de Janeiro.

This research workshop aims to bring together women and underrepresented minorities in mathematics, both in Brazil and abroad, to carry out joint research on Finite Fields and Coding Theory. Research topics include algebraic curves with many rational points, maximal curves, automorphism group of algebraic curves, permutation polynomials, algebraic geometry codes over curves and surfaces, lattice codes and related topics.

Registration (will open soon)


List of group leaders

• Sarah Arpin – U. Leiden, the Netherlands.
• Elena Berardini – Université de Bordeaux, France. 
• Maria Chara – UNL, Argentina.
• Sueli Costa – IMECC, Brazil.
• Annamaria Iezzi – U. Napoli, Italy.
• Grasile Jorge – UNIFESP, Brazil.
• Beth Malmskog – Colorado College, USA.
• Sihem Mesnager – Paris VIII, France.
• Maria Montanucci – DTU, Denmark.
• Jade Nardi – IRMAR, France.
• Mariana Perez – UNAHUR, Argentina. 
• Melina Privitelli – UNGS, Agentina.
• Luciane Quoos – UFRJ, Brazil.
• Cecília Salgado – RUG, the Netherlands. 
• Lara Vicino – DTU, Denmark.



• Carolina Araujo (IMPA, Brazil)
• Luciane Quoos (Universidade Federal do Rio de Janeiro – UFRJ, Brazil)
• Cecília Salgado (Rijksuniversiteit Groningen, the Netherlands)