Brazil-France School on Foliation Theory

A school hosted simultaneously at CIRM and IMPA
IMPA, Rio de Janeiro, February 26 – March 01, 2024.


The Brazilian and French communities working on foliation theory have a history of long-term collaborations. To maintain this tradition, CIRM and IMPA will host a School on Foliation Theory involving the two communities. 

The event, which will happen simultaneously at CIRM and IMPA, will be a school on foliation theory.  Its core will be 4 mini-courses, each one of them with three sessions of fifty minutes. Two of the mini-courses will be taught presentially at CIRM, and broadcast live to IMPA. Likewise, the two other mini-courses will be delivered at IMPA and broadcast to CIRM. Besides the mini-courses, we plan to have six short talks by Ph.D. students or young post-docs, three on each side of the Atlantic. 

Please note that the Conference “Brazil-France School on Foliation Theory” will be held in person and will only be broadcasted on YouTube, without the possibility of online interaction. Therefore, it will only be possible to participate in the event by registering and being present at one of the the two venues of the event: either at IMPA (Brazil) or CIRM (France).

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Erwan Rousseau (Univ. de Bretagne Occidentale)
Frank Loray (Univ. de Rennes)
Jorge Vitório Pereira (IMPA)
Olivia Barbarroux (CIRM)
Suely Lima (IMPA)

Scientific Committee
Dominique Cerveau (Univ. de Rennes)
Paulo Sad (IMPA)



Postal Address: Instituto de Matemática Pura e Aplicada 
Estrada Dona Castorina 110,  Jardim Botânico
Rio de Janeiro, RJ, CEP 22.460-320, Brasil