Weak mixing of translation flows and interval exchange transformations, old and new

Sylvain Crovisier (Université Paris-Sud 11)
About a conjecture of J. Palis

Rafael Labarca (Universidad de Santiago de Chile)
Jacob Palis y su contribución- directa e indirecta- al desarrollo de la matemática en América Latina

Cristina Lizana (UFBA)
Invariance of Entropy for maps isotopic to Anosov

Luna Lomonaco (IMPA)
On a family of holomorphic correspondences

Oscar Lopes
Thermodynamic Formalism for product type and Dyson potentials

Carlos Gustavo Moreira (IMPA)
Jacob Palis and homoclinic bifurcations

Maria José Pacífico (UFRJ)
Up, down and 2-sided Lorenz attractors

Vilton Pinheiro (UFBA)
Recurrence and Synchronization

Enrique Pujals (IMPA)
About Jacob’s contributions

Ali Tahzibi (ICMC-USP)
The role of unstable entropy in the smooth ergodic theory