Webs on surfaces and integrability of geodesic flow

Carolina Araujo (IMPA)
Special subgroups of the Cremona group via Calabi-Yau pairs

Leonardo Câmara (UFES)
Some aspects of function-germs on the plane

Ethan Cotterill (UFF)
Rational curves with hyperelliptic singularities

Daniel Duarte (ConacyT/UAZ)
Nash blowups in positive characteristic

Terence Gaffney (Northeastern University College of Science)
An Approach to the Whitney Equisingularity of Families of Complete Intersection Germs with Non-isolated Singularities

Nivaldo Góes Grulha Júnior (ICMC/USP)
One Poincaré-Hopf type formula for determinantal surfaces and three-varieties with isolated singularities

Vincent Grandjean (UFC)
Real Equisingularity and continuity of curvatures integrals

Abramo Hefez (UFF)
Sets of values of fractional ideals

Stanislaw Janeczko (Warsaw University of Technology)
Algebraic and geometric restrictions of differential forms

Zbigniew Jelonek (Institute of Mathematics Polish Academy of Sciences)
Whitney theorem for complex polynomial mappings

Kevin Langlois (UFC)
Normal algebraic varieties with torus action

Miriam Manoel (ICMC/USP)
Recognition of symmetries in reversible maps

Rogério Mol (UFMG)
Residue-type indices for germs of holomorphic vector fields in the plane

Ana Cláudia Nabarro (ICMC/USP)
Asymptotic directions  of spacelike submanifolds and associated Surfaces with non isolated singularities

Josnei Novacoski (UFSCar)
Local uniformization and essentially finite generation of valuation rings

Rodrigo Salomão (UFF)
Fibrations by singular curves on unirational surfaces