Thermal and Statistical Aspects of Fluid Dynamics

In this course, we give an introduction to complex fluid flows, which include thermal effects, phase transitions, reactions and self-organization. The goal is to provide some understanding of fluid equations from the first principles, following theoretical ideas of statistical mechanics. Then, we describe some modern developments in statistical approaches for fluid systems. The course is directed to applied mathematicians interested in understanding the physical origin of models in fluid dynamics. It can also be of interest for engineers and physicists.

ARNOLD, V. I. – Mathematical Methods of Classical Mechanics.
LANDAU, L. D. , LIFSHITZ, E. M. – Course of Theoretical Physics (vols. 1, 5, 6).
BATCHELOR, G. – An Introduction to Fluid Dynamics.
HUANG, K. – Statistical Mechanics.
CHAIKIN, P.M., LUBENSKY, T.C. – Principles of Condensed Matter Physics.
CHORIN, A. – Vorticity and Turbulence.

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