• Jean Clairambault
Modelling circadian and pharmacological controls on the cell cycle and tumour growth

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A physiological age and molecule-content structured model for the cell division cycle

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Modelling evolutionary branching by a nonlocal Fisher equation

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Allee Effects in Biological Phenoma via Reaction-Diffusion Equations: Pattern Formation and Epidemics Spread

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Intelligent machines – dumb human

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On Partial Differential Equation Models for Chemotaxis

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Analysis of a follicles ovulation’s model

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Large molecules and close receptors: models for geometric interference

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Cue-Triggered Addiction and Natural Recovery

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A model for the Actin-cytoskeleton in the Lamellipodium of living cells

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Transcritical bifurcation in an immune response model with Tregs

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The analytic expressions of the phase transition lines of the spatial stochastic epidemic model SIRI in the pair approximation scheme

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On the Mathematics of Vision

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Discrete and Continuous Models for Evolutive: An Unified Approach

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Spatial 2D models of Water Quality Processes in an Amazonian Lake with Rough Boundaries.