Poster Session

• Raquel Cabral
Dynamics o HIV infection: elementary models with emphasis on the application of dynamical systems to evolution and control of the viruses

• Jean-Pierre Dedieu & Gregorio Malajovich
On the number of minima of a random polynomial

• Daniela Paula
Modelagem matemática em membranas biológicas

• Samuel S.R. Pita, Tácio V.A. Fernandes, Mainá Bitar Lourenço, Sônia Guimarães Domont, Marcelo Cardoso dos Reis Melo, Pedro Telles Baptista, Paulo M. Bisch, and Pedro G. Pascutti
Generalized simulated annealing applied in felxible molecular docking and protein folding

• Julie Simon and Paul Milewski
R. sphaeroides and e. coli: a population-level comparison of chemotatic behavior