Fluid Dynamics

Fluid Dynamics is a very ancient research area and it makes use of Mathematical Analysis techniques, such as Asymptotic Methods, the Approximation Theory, Conservation Law Theory and Reaction Diffusion Equations and Dynamical Systems, such as the theory of bifurcations, among others.

Due to its technological relevance and to the great range of interesting mathematical problems it brings up, it continues to be one of the most important fields in Partial Differential Equations. Over the past decades, it has been greatly advanced due to the intensive use of computers in which Numerical Analysis is of great importance. It has, therefore, become a central field of study in Scientific Computing.

As of 1987 a small research group was set up at IMPA to study Fluid Dynamics with emphasis on useful applications for the country. The main ones are: Oil Recovery, Numerical Time Forecast, Wave Propagation in Heterogeneous Media and Numerical Analysis, Domain Decomposition and Parallel Computerization. The group has been working in greater detail on:

  • Oil Field Drainage
  • Meteorology
  • Coastal Wave Propagation and Acoustic Waves in heterogeneous media
  • Numerical Analysis, Domain Decomposition and Parallel Computation

The Computerized Fluid Dynamics Laboratory is used for computer experiments as well as for practical classes. The activities of the group are distributed among a network of collaborators involving many institutions, both Brazilian and foreign, working on joint projects. These activities have received the support of several institutions and financing agencies.