12 de January de 2018, 13:27h

ICM 2018 launches YouTube channel with welcome video

Seven months left to the 28th International Mathematical Congress (ICM 2018) opening ceremony and IMPA (Institute of Pure and Applied Mathematics) prepares to host the most important world meeting of mathematicians. 
To give a taste of what is to come to those who will be in Rio de Janeiro, ICM 2018 launches this friday (12) its official YouTube channel (Rio ICM2018) with a welcome video.
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The film presents the “Marvelous City” for mathematicians, showing their natural beauties and the infrastructure that will be set up in the Riocentro for the nine days of the congress, from August 1 to 9.
In addition to YouTube, ICM 2018 seeks to attract even more participants in social networks, such as Facebook (ICM2018), Twitter (@ ICM_2018) and Instagram (@ icm2018). The main support is the official website, which contains all information about the event.
We took advantage of the launch of the new platform to invite you to join the channel and enjoy our pages in other social networks, so that we can multiply the public’s interest in mathematics around the world.


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